Our Ranges

Something for everyone

Our ranges let you easily identify meals for every taste and nutritional need - and with such appealing choices, you can put an end to menu fatigue.

Bulk Entreés

Our bulk entreés features a huge selection of nourishing and delicious classic and contemporary recipes, available frozen in convenient bulk pouches or trays. Our talented chefs and consultant dietitian work together to continually add to and improve our menu, ensuring every meal looks appetizing, tastes great and is nutritionally balanced. 

Individual Complete Meals

Our individual complete meals features a huge selection of nourishing soups, entreés and desserts available in convenient single serve portions. Our talented chefs create each appetizing meal to be nutritious without compromising on flavour. With hundreds of items to choose from, you’ll find something for everyone regardless of taste preferences or dietary needs. 


Our extensive texture-modified range, which includes our groundbreaking shaped pureés provides safe and appetizing food to those with dysphagia.
Our texture modified range features regular pureé, shaped pureé, minced and thickened soup options.

Special Diets

 We offer a wide range of meals for people with special dietary requirements including low sodium, vegan and vegetarian options as well as meals appropriate for those with food intolerances and allergies, such as gluten-free.

Bulk Soups

 Our bulk soups offer a delicious variety of comforting classic and hearty recipes to pair alongside our entreés. We carefully control the sodium in all our soups to fit within your nutritional guidelines without compromising on flavour.   

The highest of quality

Nutritious food is at the heart of what we do. All of our recipes are developed
to taste great and deliver the necessary nutrition to support health and well

Matthew Diestl
Director of Marketing & Development, apetito HFS