Safety and Quality

Safety and Quality

The right nutrition, paired with excellent taste

We use only the best ingredients to create delicious, chef-prepared meals, helping people to eat for health whether they're in hospital, at home or in care. We don't use any perservatives to keep our food fresh. We use the modern day methods of freezing to lock in that home cooked flavour and ensure that every bite is as nutritious as it is delicious. 

Watch below why frozen is better!

Quality at every step

We all know that great food starts with selecting good quality ingredients and that's exactly where we begin.  All of our recipes are developed using home-style cooking techniques that retain the colour, flavour and nutritional value of our carefully sourced ingredients so that the dish you serve is a reflection of the care we spent making it.

Healthy and nutritious

Our chefs work hand-in-hand with our consultant dietitian to create a range of delicious meals that meet a variety of health and nutritional needs. You can be sure that every apetito HFS meal tastes good, looks good and does good too.

Food for everyone to enjoy

We want everyone to look forward to meal times, so we've created hundreds of tasty meals to suit all tastes, preferences and diets. And we don't just rely on our enthusiastic chefs to tell us what tastes good. Our customers regularly test our kitchen samples and share their ideas. If a meal doesn't pass the taste panel, it's not on the menu!

Safety and quality guarenteed

All of our products are produced in a federally registered, CFIA inspected facility with a robust food safety HACCP plan. Every batch is tasted by our experienced quality assurance team to ensure that our food meets the high quality standards you expect.