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Experts in texture-modified

We understand the importance of providing a safe and nutritious meal, particularly for those with swallowing difficulties. We've spent years understanding the needs of individuals with dysphagia and our mission from day one has been to create a range of texture-modified meals that are not only delicious and safe, but are also full of nutrients to enhance health and well-being.


We offer a wide selection of delicious minced proteins, casseroles and vegetables for those that require limited variations in texture. Our advanced production process ensures that all of our minced recipes are produced to a safe and uniform particulate size, compatible with the needs of those on a minced and moist diet. Available in individual portions, our minced range ensures cost control and minimal waste. 

Shaped Purée

As global leaders in the development of texture-modified products, our groundbreaking range of shaped purees offer a truly innovative solution to those looking for an appetizing and great tasting pureed menu. Our recognizable shaped meats, casseroles, vegetables and starch are available in convenient single portions and hold their shape after cooking, providing great plate presentation and a dignified dining experience for those with dysphagia.                         


Our extensive range of bulk and portioned pureed solutions provides an easy, safe and nutritious way to meet the needs of your menu. We offer a broad selection of proteins, casseroles and vegetables along with pureed breads, muffins and sandwiches which make for a great breakfast or lunch time option. Our convenient packaging solutions provide you with maximum flexibility and ensure that you only use what's required.