Shaped Puree

Shaped Purée

apetito HFS Shaped Purée

Everyone deserves an enjoyable meal. We also understand that a meal's appearance plays a vital role in the perception of flavour and appetite appeal. Our innovative shaped puree products offer the consistent guarantee of a satisfying dining experience from plate to palette. Not only does every recipe taste delicious, but the portions are formed to appear exactly as the actual food would, in shape and colour even after cooking.

How our Shaped Purée can help

The appearance of our Shaped Purée range will play a key role in encouraging patients and residents to eat more, thus supporting the meeting of their daily nutritional requirements.
The apetito Shaped Purée range was researched and developed in conjunction with Speech & Language Pathologists and Clinical Dieticians. This process has ensured that each recipe is appropriate in texture and nutritional context for people with swallowing difficulties linked to conditions such as dementia and strokes. Using the apetito Shaped Purée range ensures safe and consistent texture every time, thus allowing confidence that patients on a  Puréed  diet will enjoy the same benefits as those on a texture-regular diet.

How to heat and handle our Shaped Puree

The apetito Shaped Purée range can be easily heated their trays via convection oven, steamer or stove top or pre-plated and heated in a microwave or similar retherm system. apetito's unique tray design provides the ability to only heat what is required, thus eliminating food waste and correlating costs.


Follow the links below to see a visual diagram of how to heat our shaped puree products based on varying methods of preparation. 


View microwave instructions here.


View stove-top instructions here.


View steamer instructions here.


View convection oven instructions here.

Prepping and heating apetito Shaped Puree

This video shows the correct method of handling and heating bulk amounts of our Shaped Purees via convection oven.


This video shows the correct method of handling and our shaped purees via plate, and from frozen. Heating done via convection oven.