Senior Living

Senior Living

Food that brings people together

apetito HFS is dedicated to providing high quality food for those who need it the most, which includes residents of senior living facilities. Our chefs work diligently to create unique and versatile meal options that are nutritionally balanced without sacrificing taste.

How We Make The Difference

Nutrition made easy

All of our products are made with strict nutritional guidelines to make sure that every meal doesn't just taste great, but provides nutritional value.

Made with taste in mind

Our commitment to nutrition does not undermine the taste of our products. We make sure that every bite is packed with exquisite flavour.

World class chef expertise

Our experienced chefs are dedicated to developing food that is not only versatile but is good enough for a top-tier restaurant menu.

Variety and Versatility

Our extensive menu consists of products that can be used in a variety of recipes and meal combinations ensuring that regardless of the needs of your kitchen or client our products will fit your needs. Our dedicated team can help you determine how our products can save you time and money on labour, materials, and ingredient sourcing.

Food Safety

Our commitment to our food does not just end with taste, apetito HFS is dedicated to upholding rigorous health and safety standards in order to have our prodicton facility produce food that is not just healthy but is safe for those who consume it.