Nutrition tailored to you

apetito HFS is a leading provider of bulk and individual entreés for hospitals across Canada. Our customer focused approach means that we deliver solutions that not only taste great and meet your nutritional requirements, but work within your facility to be cost-effective, flexible and easy to prepare. 

Nutrition locked in

Our talented chefs and consultant dietician work to perfect nutritious, tasty meals designed especially for the needs of healthcare. All of our meals are prepared and frozen to lock in the nutrition and flavour that would otherwise be lost during transit and storage.

Variety and choice

With a wide selection of  entreés, soups, special diet and texture modified options to choose from, we can help you to offer an enticing menu that meets the diverse range of your patient's needs.

Designed to work for you

All of our meals are developed to work in harmony with all of the major retherm systems. Our dedicated account managers will support you in testing our products in your individual retherm equipment so that you can confidently implement our products without disruption to your meal service.

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