Long-term Care

Long-term Care

With you every step

Our dedication to quality doesn’t stop at the food we prepare. We're committed to helping our customers select, test and implement our products without disruption to your home.

Menu matching made easy

Our comprehensive range of minced and pureéd proteins, casseroles and vegetables enable you to match your regular diet menu with ease, all while controlling costs through our convenient pack formats. If plate presentation is your priority, you'll love our innovative shaped pureés which provide an appetizing and dignified meal that will delight residents and family members alike.

Nutrients locked in

Our talented chefs and consultant dietitian work to perfect nutritious, tasty meals designed especially for the needs of long-term care. All of our meals are prepared and frozen to lock in the nutrition and flavour that would otherwise be lost during transit and storage.

Dedicated support

Our account managers are passionate about helping you to manage your menu in the easiest way possible. They can assist with product sampling, retherm testing and cost & nutritional analysis so the only thing you'll need to worry about is what to serve on the menu.